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The north of the Dead Sea

Kibbutz Kalia was founded in 1974 by a Nahal group, with a vision of a pioneering kibbutz with an active cultural and social life, offering a good quality of life.
The founding of Kalia symbolizes the return of the Israeli people to settling in the Dead Sea area, where they were already present during the time of the Second Temple.
The kibbutz was founded as an agricultural settlement that includes some of the largest date plantations in the country, a dairy farm, a chicken coop and a variety of field crops.

Nowadays, along with agriculture, the kibbutz manages and runs Kalia Beach, one of the Dead Sea’s most beautiful beaches.
Also at the beach is the -420 glamping site, offering a unique experience for couples and families.

At the heart of the kibbutz is the Kalia Holiday Village, a unique rustic hotel offering around 64 rooms for couples and families, as well as a rich public area, lawns, landscaped gardens and a large swimming pool.

Preservation of the Dead Sea

Kibbutz Kalia has around 450 members, the kibbutz has made the preservation and restoration of the Dead Sea its mission, alongside increasing awareness to the current state of the sea. For this purpose, the -430 gallery was founded on Kalia beach, which includes young, bold pieces by leading artists, designed to increase awareness of the situation.

The kibbutz generates electricity from solar energy and does everything in its power to operate in a “green” environment.

Kibbutz Kalia also operates the Kumran site.
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Kalia Tourism and Holidays


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